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Club Grand Prix

This is your chance to shine!

2024 All events count.....

but these are the extra bonus point events.  Double points at:

  • December All Parkrun activity or TAVY 5K 

  • January – January Jaunt 10K 

  • February- All Parkrun activity or TAVY 5K

  • March – One Half Marathon (any location)

  • April – Any event in the Plymouth Running Festival on Sunday 28 April 2024

  • May – Ivybridge 10K  &  Armada 5K Summer Series

  • June – All Parkrun activity, Tavy 5K  & Armada 5K Summer Series

  • July – Two local 10Ks, Duckponds & Cornwood, plus Armada 5K Summer Series

  • August – All Parkrun activity, Tavy 5K & Armada 5K Summer Series

  • September - Any one 10K event & Armada 5K Summer Series

  • October - Tavy 7

  • November - All Parkrun activty or Tavy 5K


2023/24 Rules

The Club Grand competition period commenced on 26th NOVEMBER 2023 and will end on the last weekend in November 2024. This will allow time at the end of the year for points verification prior to the end of year Awards Evening. The Club Grand Prix standings shall be reviewed at each committee meeting to ensure fair competition and accurate recording.

  1. Any race/event you enter as a Plymouth Coaster as a first claim club and up to Ultra distance (50k), can count. Points (one point per km) will be awarded based on distance raced, not on your relative position to others. Points for all races up to and including Marathon/Ultra distance will be awarded based on the rounded down distance (in km) of the event. This includes any Parkrun or events which aren’t strictly races. Plus, each month we nominate events to attract double points.

  2. Equivalent points will also be awarded for volunteering at races as the committee recognise the additional effort and time that you have contributed.

  3. Each runner is responsible for submitting their race results. For the activity to count, the athlete/volunteer must notify the Club Secretary via email or Facebook Messenger with the race name and its distance.

  4. You may enter races and run for other clubs, but this will not count toward the Plymouth Coasters Grand Prix. The participating athlete/volunteer should wear their Plymouth Coasters apparel when competing.

  5. Plymouth Coasters will make the points total available at convenient intervals during the year so you can see how you’re doing against your club mates and spot any missed races.

Please use communicate with fellow club members to share what races you’ve entered so that we can join you/car share/story share, and please take some photos for sharing on social media and marketing purposes.

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