Club Grand Prix Format

A brand new challenge 

In an effort to open up the Grand Prix and get more of us involved in the race for the Trophy, we’ve changed this up a bit this year.  Ok. Not a bit.  A LOT!

Any race you enter, as a Plymouth Coaster, up to Marathon distance, can count.


Points will be awarded based on distance raced, not on your relative position to others.


Points will also be awarded for volunteering at races.




  1. The year will run TBD to TBD

  2. For your activity to count YOU must let Katie Durrell know you’ve raced (see Note 1 below), and to have raced as Plymouth Coaster (see also Note 2 below).  You may use pretty much any method to share this exciting news, but she wouldn’t recommend carrier pigeon. If she doesn’t know, it won’t count.  She’s wonderful but she’s not a mind reader.

  3. Points for all races up to and including Marathon distance will be awarded based on the rounded down distance in km of the race.  As above, races longer than 26 miles won't count... (so that's Ironman and Ultra's out of the equation)

  4. Volunteering at Races attracts same points as for the race distance – you’ve not made so much effort but you’ve probably given up more time!

  5. Its not a deal breaker, but please make every effort to wear a Plymouth Coaster’s top when you’re racing / marshalling / milling around – we want to advertise our fab little club.

  6. We might, just might, throw in the odd “old style” Grand Prix race and offer up extra points… oooh the excitement.

  7. Katie will make the running (ha ha) totals available at points during the year so you can see how you’re doing against your club mates / spot any missed races.

  8. Lastly, but by no means leastly, please use social media, face to face conversations etc to share what races you’ve entered so that we can join you / car share / story share etc!


Note 1: Races include ParkRun and Trust 10K events which aren’t strictly races but…

Note 2: You may, of course, enter races and run for “other” clubs (yes there are some!) but if you enter as a team member of that club, it won’t count for this Grand Prix.  Kudos though 😉